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Policy Statement

Action between Committee meetings:
the arrangement below was agreed by Committee on 15/05/19 item 8

It was noted that the BCS Committee meets roughly 3 - 4 times a year with email conferencing between meetings. The Committee considered this discharges the BCS Rules requirement for 4 meetings a year.

Further to this the Committee adopted the proposal below for making decisions between Committee meetings:

Between committee meetings decisions on urgent and important matters may be made by the Chair in consultation with the Secretary, Treasurer, Events Manager and a lead committee member for the project in question. Decisions shall be made in line the Society’s governance at committee minutes, programmes, and provisions - as set out for example on the Events Grid. Decisions shall be reported to the next available committee meeting. Expenditure must be approved before it is incurred. The foregoing does not preclude reimbursement of reasonable justified out of pocket expenses e.g. to cover emergencies.